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Tibet, the Roof of the World, remained unknown to the world until the beginning of the 20th century. The massive, snowy land has exerted an awesome draw on travelers and adventurers ever since. Its majestic scenery, mysterious and exotic religious culture, and wonderful people, reward every tourist with an indelible life long memory!

Tibet shows many different faces: unique style life and lonely landscapes, Tibetan Buddhism customs and culture, lovely lakes and rough mountains. For cultural sightseeing, Lhasa is ceaselessly thriving, and inevitably, it is the one place that features on every traveler’s itinerary. It is not only Tibet’s biggest city and capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, but also the place where the world’s attention are attracted to. Mount Everest is great for hiking in summer. On the way up to Mount Everest we have Rongbuk Monastery, the highest monastery in the world. If condition permits, tourists can even see the sunrise at the monastery. Mount Kailash is considered as a sacred place in four religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bön faith. In Hindu religion, it is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva.

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Cultural Tours

Bhutan cultural tours are ideal for those who want to experience the Bhutanese Culture, society and glorious mountain scenery.  Visitors will be surprised that the culture and the traditional lifestyle is still richly intact. From the traditional woven garments to the prayer flags on high mountain slopes, from the built environment to the natural environment, from the religious mask dances to the folk dances, this cultural heritage is proudly evident and offers a unique cultural setting.




Trekking in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else in the Himalayas, complemented by crystal clear air and views that sometimes defy description. Some treks are short and suitable for beginners while others can be long and challenging.

Trekking facilities are constantly being improved. All treks in Bhutan use tented campsite accommodation and on many routes you will be the only trekkers in sight!




BhutanFestivals in Bhutan have reputations for being raucous, joyous affairs. The most popular for tourists are those held in Thimphu & Paro and those seeking a more intimate Bhutan experience should consider avoiding these major festivals as they mark the busiest time of the year for the tourism industry.




Multi-Country Tours

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan tours offer a cultural tour of the Himalayas.  You will be exploring the history, culture, religion as well as art and crafts of these three Himalayan countries.