Bungee Jumping - 1 day

  • Destination: Nepal

Bungee Jumping in Nepal, a daring sports activity and the highest jump in all Asia, probably around the world. A fall from a high suspension bridge of 160 m / 525 feet into a deep ravine of Bhote Kosi River. The first Bungee Jumping was established in Nepal two decades ago at a lovely place called Last Resort. Located close on the border of Nepal and Tibet frontier, a few hour interesting drive from the capital Kathmandu.

Bungee Jumping can be done by any interested person as long one is physically fit and in sound health. From above 18 years of age with weights between 40 kg to 98 kg, expert instructors will brief on safety measures.

This exciting Jump from a bridge reaches you close to the surface of the raging glacial Bhote Kosi River. A great adrenaline sport, an adventure of a lifetime experience on Bungee Jumping in Nepal.

Besides Bungee Jumping at Last Resort, where one can do it in Pokhara also which is on the outskirt of Pokhara city at a place called Hyanja, which is also a Tibetan Refugee Camp.

Bungee Jumping can be done all around the year in Nepal, the best time is spring March to May. Including autumn and wintertime from September to February.