Trishuli river rafting - 1 Day

  • Destination: Nepal

One of the most popular rivers, where all types of people, from beginners to veteran adventurers can join in. Trisuli River the closest from the capital Kathmandu city to a few hours' drives to reach rafting ‘put in point’.

Trisuli River flows from glaciers of massive Ganesh and Langtang Himal range winding towards mid-hills to join the great Narayani River.

The river flows along the main highway, making it much accessible with options for starting and ending points of rafting adventure.


Trisuli River offers all kinds of excitement from easy, leisure, and scenic float with enjoyable bouncy waves, and conquering mighty rapids.

A great river for rafting, where one can enjoy for a day or more spending overnights on nice River Resorts.