Ultra light flight - 1 day

  • Destination: Nepal

Ultra-Light Flight, also known as Micro-light Aviation in other parts of the world the safest, exciting, and enjoyable joy ride. Ultra-Light Flight can accommodate a maximum of 2 people, operates from lovely scenic Pokhara city airport.


The best way to immerse within Nepalese landscapes of hills, valleys in the close vicinity of towering Annapurna Himalaya peaks.


A lightweight and fixed-wing micro aircraft, a slow speed landing, a perfect way to enjoy a pleasant ride. Suitable for all types of people and age groups the quickest inexpensive way to get in the air to have fun. On this short air-borne sweeping panorama of scenic Pokhara city and valley in the shade of massive Annapurna Himalaya range.


Ultra-Lights for all seasons of the year on nice fine clear days, except in monsoon wet times from June to mid-September.