Zip Flyer - 1 day

  • Destination: Nepal

Another exciting activity in Nepal is Zip Flyer or Zip Line, the country offers the world’s most extreme Zip Flyer. At present there are two places where visitors can enjoy the Zip Flyer, the first established Zip Flyer is in Pokhara.

Located on a high scenic hill of Sarankot, where one can enjoy the thrill on Zip Flyer. Which is 1800 m and 2,000 feet vertical drop with a swift speed of 120 k.m per hour. Participant weight must be between 35 kg to 125 kg or 75 to 275 pounds the ride takes only two minutes. The initial rise of 56 degrees, which makes the world's steepest Zip Flyer. Covering a length of 1.8 km and a drop of 600 m the highest and longest Zip Flyer in the world.

Adventure of true grit in the sheer backdrop of Annapurna Himalaya to enjoy along with the fastest ride on earth.

The other place for Zip Flyer is Dhulikhel town, in the suburb of Kathmandu Valley. Dhulikhel an interesting place of more than 500 years old town with a sweeping panorama of the Central and Eastern Himalaya range.