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Is June the Best Time to Visit Annapurna Circuit?

Annapurna Circuit in June can be an adventurous trek as the monsoon ends, and we’ll see clear mountain scenarios. After all, the Annapurna Circuit is one of the most popular trekking routes in the world, and you want to ensure you get the best experience possible.

The answer to whether June is the best time to visit the Annapurna Circuit is not a simple one. It really depends on a variety of factors, including the weather and climate at the time.

If you are looking for a unique adventure in the Himalayas, the Annapurna Circuit Trek might be just what you’re looking for. And, believe it or not, June could be the best time for it. In spite of the peak trekking season in the region running from September to November, June provides unique advantages as well.

This trek in June offers fewer crowds, lush, verdant landscapes, and a stunning monsoon season, making it an unforgettable trip. As we explore why June is a great time to visit the Annapurna Circuit Trek, we’ll also give you some tips and advice on what to expect during your trip. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip in the Himalayas.

Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Trek in June 

  • Explore the Annapurna range and enjoy incredible mountain views.
  • Trek through lush forests, terraced fields, and quaint villages.
  • Experience the culture and traditions of the local people.
  • Cross the Thorong La Pass (5,416m), the highest point of the trek.
  • Relish the stunning beauty of the Annapurna Sanctuary.
  • Take part in challenging and exciting day hikes.
  • Enjoy unspoiled nature and captivating sunsets.
  • Delight in the majestic beauty of the world-famous landmark Poon Hill.
  • Discover the serenity of the region with its serene lakes and landscapes

Why Should You Do Annapurna Circuit Trek in June?

The Annapurna Circuit is a well-known trek and one of the most popular treks in Nepal with good reason. The weather is moderate, and the sky is often clear and sunny. The days are longer, so you can take advantage of all the daylight.

The following are some reasons why you should trek the Annapurna Circuit in June.

The Clear View of the Himalayas

The lower regions of Annapurna Circuit experience occasional rainfall. But when this stops, the views of the environment become breathtakingly beautiful. The rain washes away the dirt and dust and reveals the stunning beauty of the Himalayas.

In the higher altitudes, rainfall is almost nonexistent, allowing you to see the mountains clearly. During the clear skies, you can even see Hiunchuli, Annapurna south, and other Himalayan peaks.

view from annapurna circuit

The clear views of the Himalayas are a true highlight of the Annapurna Circuit Trek and visiting in June maximizes your chances of seeing them clearly. Besides the stunning views of June, it is also a unique trek due to the monsoon season, which adds to the picturesque scenery with fresh greenery and verdant hills.

Less Crowded

The Annapurna Circuit Trek in June is a unique experience for trekkers. It is considered off-season, which means fewer people are on the trail, so it is quieter and calmer. As June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in the region, the landscape is lush and verdant, strikingly different from the barren and dry hills seen during peak trekking season. 

The monsoon also brings fresh greenery, making the scenery even more picturesque and breathtaking. Overall, trekking at Annapurna Circuit in June provides a rare and unforgettable experience.

More Discount offers

June is also the perfect time to visit the Annapurna Circuit because of the discount offers available. Traveling during the off-season will be a benefit if you are a budget traveler. The price of Plane tickets, tea houses, etc will be at its lowest.

Many trekkers don’t visit these routes during this month due to which you get special offers and discounts on many items. The tea houses also won’t be crowded so you get to pick any room you like. Most of the rooms will be available for you to choose from. If you have good bargaining power, then you can use it to get heavy discounts.

View of the Sunrise 

A trek to Annapurna Circuit in June offers a unique and unforgettable experience for viewing the sunrise. June is considered the beginning of monsoon season in the region, with rain showers often occurring in the evenings. Early in the morning, however, it is usually clear, which makes it possible to view the stunning mountain ranges unobstructed. 

As the sun shines through the clouds to the valleys and landscapes below after a rainy night, it is truly a memorable sight. It is a sight not to be missed, especially in June, when the Annapurna Circuit Trek offers stunning sunrise views thanks to the clear skies, sunbeams, and verdant hills. You should consider visiting the Annapurna Circuit Trek in June if you want to experience an unforgettable sunrise.

Annapurna Circuit Weather and Temperature in June

The Annapurna Circuit is well known for its unpredictable weather conditions, and it’s important to be prepared for sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions. During the month of June, the average temperature in the Annapurna Circuit ranges from 10-16 degrees Celsius.

At higher elevations such as Thorong La Pass (5416 meters), temperatures can dip to as low as -8 degrees Celsius. So, it’s important to have the proper clothing and gear to keep warm during your trek.

circuit trek of annapurna in june

Additionally, temperatures along the lower sections of the circuit range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius during the day; however, at night, there can be a significant drop in temperature.

In terms of Annapurna circuit weather conditions, June is typically a very dry month in the Annapurna Circuit. However, you may still experience some rain or snow showers, especially in higher elevations. Be sure to bring appropriate rain gear and warm clothing just in case.

The Annapurna region can also be quite windy, so it’s important to dress in layers that you can adjust according to the conditions. A windproof jacket and scarf will help keep you warm and comfortable on windy days.

Overall, the weather and temperature in the Annapurna Circuit during June is usually very agreeable. With the right clothing and gear, you can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable trek in the stunning Annapurna region.

Foods & Accommodations During Annapurna Circuit in June

In the off-season, trekkers will find many tea houses and lodges available for trekkers on the Annapurna Circuit. The accommodations in these tea houses and lodges are generally comfortable, and the foods are best and authentic. Food is of high quality and reasonably priced even during the off-season months, and travelers can eat Nepali, Indian, and western cuisine.

In addition to Tea Houses and lodges, trekkers can also find a number of camping sites on the Annapurna Circuit. The quality of food and accommodations will depend on the individual trekking group, but these campsites are usually equipped with basic amenities and facilities, such as tents, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils.

Another advantage for trekkers during the off-season is the lack of long bathroom queues. During the main trekking season, bathroom queues can be incredibly long, and trekkers can sometimes have to wait for their turn. During the off-season, however, there are usually plenty of bathroom facilities available and trekkers should not have to wait for their turn.

All in all, trekkers can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable trek during the Annapurna Circuit in June. With plenty of options for accommodation and food, as well as the lack of long bathroom queues, the Annapurna Circuit trek during the off-season is a great experience.

Difficulties of Annapurna Circuit Trek in June 

One of the most spectacular and challenging treks in the world, the Annapurna Circuit Trek, is considered a must-do for trekkers. Yet, trekking in June can be especially difficult due to the unpredictable weather and terrain. Here are five difficulties of the Annapurna Circuit Trek in June that you should be aware of: 

1. High Altitude: 

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is a strenuous trek that takes 10-14 days to complete. Trekkers on the Annapurna Circuit can expect to climb many of the highest points, which reach an elevation of over 5,000 meters, making it difficult for them to acclimatize to the high altitude, which can result in altitude sickness. To avoid this, trekking at a slow pace and allowing your body time to adjust can help prevent it. 

2. Unpredictable Weather:

The weather in the Annapurna region in June can be unpredictable and change suddenly, so trekkers should be prepared for a variety of situations. As the Annapurna Circuit Trek is situated at a high altitude, trekkers may be subject to strong winds, rain, or snow, making navigation more challenging. Pack waterproof and windproof clothing, warm layers, and sturdy footwear to keep yourself protected from the elements.

3. Difficult Path: 

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a challenging trek that requires a good level of physical fitness and preparation. It can become even more difficult during the monsoon season in June when the rain can make the trail slippery. Trekkers should be prepared for long days of hiking on difficult terrain due to the steepness and difficulty of the path. 

During the monsoon season, trekkers should also prepare for landslides and flash floods, which can make the trail even more challenging. Trekkers should use trekking poles for extra stability during the monsoon season and should always stay vigilant and aware of the weather conditions.

4. Lack of Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are very limited along the Annapurna Circuit Trek, so trekkers should take the necessary precautions to ensure they stay healthy and safe. Trekkers should always carry a first aid kit and know what to do in case of an emergency.

By being aware of the difficulties of the Annapurna Circuit Trek in June, trekkers can better prepare themselves for an unforgettable experience. With proper training, preparation, and the right attitude, the Annapurna Circuit Trek in June can be one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever take.

Permits Required to visit Annapurna Circuit Trek in June

It is an amazing experience to trek the Annapurna Circuit in June. It is the monsoon season in June, and while it can be quite wet, it is the ideal time to explore this beautiful region. The Annapurna Circuit is the most popular trekking route around the Annapurna Mountain range. Aside from its breathtaking mountain views and diverse culture, it offers a diverse terrain and a fascinating culture.

annapurna trek circuit june

However, before you set off on your Annapurna Circuit trek, there are a few permits that you will need. The two most essential permits required to visit the Annapurna Circuit are the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card and the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP).

TIMS Fees:

  • For SAARC countries: NPR 300 / US $3 per Group & NPR 600 / US $6 per Individual
  • For other countries (group): NPR 1000 / US $10 per Group & NPR 2000 / US $20 per Individual

ACAP Fees:

  • For SAARC countries: NPR 1000 / US $10 per person
  • For other countries: NPR 3000 / US $30 per person

How To Book your Annapurna Circuit Trek for June

The Annapurna Circuit is an incredibly popular trek, and many people choose to trek it in the June months. June is the beginning of the monsoon season, which means the vegetation is lush and green, and the landscape is dotted with wildflowers. However, trekking during the monsoon season can present its own challenges.

That’s why we at Third Eye Adventure specialize in handling treks in the monsoon season. We understand the unique dangers that monsoon trekking can present, and we are prepared to guide you safely and securely through your journey. We provide experienced guides and strong porters who will carry your load and help you traverse the often-challenging terrain.

Alternatively, we offer fully customized and personalized Annapurna Circuit Trek packages. Our experienced trekking guides will take you from one breathtaking view to another, giving you an understanding of the local culture and nature. In addition to coordinating transportation, accommodation, permits, and food, our team will also assist with all logistics.

What’s more, our Annapurna Circuit Trek package includes all the necessary equipment, such as sleeping bags, trekking poles, and a first aid kit. You will also have access to our team of experienced trekking professionals, who will be there to provide you with support and advice throughout your journey. 

We know that trekking can be an expensive proposition, which is why we strive to offer our Annapurna Circuit Trek package at the best possible price. If you are interested in a budget trekking experience or a luxurious experience, we’ll have you covered. Furthermore, we offer discounts for group bookings, and we can customize your trip to suit your needs.

annapurna circuit trek june

So what are you waiting for? Book your Annapurna Circuit Trek with Third Eye Adventures today and experience the beauty and majesty of the Himalayas like never before. We look forward to making your journey a memorable one.

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