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Trip Highlights

  • Pilgrimage tour of different special places.
  • Cultural Heritage Sites, Temples, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites tour of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Authentic Experiences at Buddhist Monasteries
  • Deep Connection with Buddhist Culture and Buddhism
  • Explore holy Shrines and the Vajrayogini Temple
  • Peaceful and healing meditation sessions at Different locations throughout the Tour

13 Days Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour – 2024: Nepal is unique in the world as a place for both Buddhist and Hindu spiritual traditions from a Buddhist perspective it is said to have been blessed by previous Buddhas prior to the Buddha of our time. Shakyamuni Buddha is from a seed said to have been thrown from an earlier Buddha from our present Swayambhunath Temple has its roots. This is recorded in the “Swayambhu Purana”. The Kathmandu valley was formed thus from a lake drained by the Bodhisattva Manjusri and a great civilization, both cultural and spiritual developed.

In our present historical time Buddhist practices, as a part of its culture, flourished alongside Hindu tradition. In Nepal, the two share several aspects.

From its origin of teaching in India taught by the Buddha Sakyamuni Buddhism spread first to Nepal and Tibet to China and the Asian world. Indeed it is from Lumbini, located in Nepal, that Prince Siddhartha, later known as The Budhha, the awakened one, took his first steps in our world.

Situated geographically as it is, Nepal has been a home to both its own lineages of native realized accomplished individuals of Buddhist practice as well as a pilgrimage place and venue for travel between India and Tibet frequented by many great historical spiritual Masters, being monastic and otherwise great Yogis and Yoginis.

Through the ages, countless pilgrims have frequented those tremendous spiritual and sacred power places of Buddhist and Hindu heritage.

In our modern time too, these traditions flourish and provide a magnetic positive influence on our planet. Much as pilgrims of the past visited to pay their respects, we too still have an opportunity to visit and exchange energy there offer our devotion, and receive blessings and connection to those places. The opportunity to use this in our lives in a positive way to enrich our own spiritual nature our inherent Wisdom Nature within.

Our tour will be led by Richard, a western pilgrim on this path who has visited Nepal since traveling overland from Europe in 1971 and has had the opportunity to study and practice according to the Buddhist traditions of Nepal, India, Burma, and Tibet.

During this tour, we will share the rich Buddhist traditions of Nepal and explore how the spiritual and cultural practices offered at these sacred sites can relate to our own spiritual practice and our life in this modern world.

We will learn the standard Buddhist practices of “calm abiding, awareness meditation” and “Samata vipassana” along with a short Mahamudra view relating to the nature of the mind this is all presented as short instruction with short meditation sessions together.

In addition, there will be an opportunity to connect online with Richard to assist in follow-through at places in one’s own country. This pilgrimage and instruction is offered and appropriate to established dharma practitioners and new or interested participants. We welcome you to join this unique tour of significant pilgrimage places of Nepal to share in its rich spiritual heritage.

This isn’t a normal pilgrimage journey to the incredible Buddhist temples situated in this breathtaking Himalayan country. What we provide is more than just a journey; it is an opportunity to obtain important knowledge about Buddhism and how to apply its teachings to your daily life. You’ll travel to cultural places and spiritual places where Buddhism’s rich traditions and meditation practices initially occurred.

The Buddhist pilgrimage site is more than just a destination; it is a life-changing experience. It provides a unique combination of exploration and reflection due to its rich history, spiritual depth, and cultural warmth. By joining this journey, you’ll understand the depths of Buddhism, meet with locals, test beautiful foods, and, most importantly, find profound knowledge inside yourself.

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime – a 13-day Buddhist pilgrimage tour that’s anything but ordinary. This is more than just sightseeing; it’s a deep dive into the heart of Buddhism, a path to enlightenment, and an adventure of the soul.



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  • All transportation by private vehicle from airport pick up to drop with minaral water.
  • All accommodation at tourist standard hotel with breakfast.
  • All food lunch and dinner as stated in the itinerary.
  • Two tour guides one is Richard and a local tour guide during the trip.
  • All entrance fees of the heritage sites.
  • Agency service charge and Government Tax/VAT.
  • Farewell dinner at authentic Nepali restaurant with cultural dance.


  • International airfare and visa charge 30$ for 15 days
  • Personal expenses such as alcoholic drink, Soda
  • Tips and gratitude to staffs

Equipments Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What should I bring with me on a Buddhist pilgrimage tour?

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Essential items include comfortable clothing, a meditation cushion, a journal, and any necessary travel documents. You can also get a detailed packing list through your tour operator.

Are there age restrictions for participating in a pilgrimage tour?

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While there are no strict age limits, pilgrims should take care of themselves to undertake the journey, as there may be some walking and meditation involved.

What is the significance of a Buddhist pilgrimage tour?

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A Buddhist pilgrimage tour takes people to sacred Buddhist places, temples, and monasteries related to Buddha’s life and teachings. It is a journey of spiritual development, reflection, and cultural exploration.

Do I need to be a Buddhist to go on a pilgrimage tour?

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No, you do not have to be a Buddhist to participate in a pilgrimage tour. These trips are available to people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to learn more about Buddhism, spirituality, and culture.

How can I ensure responsible travel during my pilgrimage tour?

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Respecting local customs, reducing your environmental impact, and helping local communities are all aspects of responsible travel. Choose eco-friendly accommodations, interact properly with locals, and stick to ethical tourism principles to ensure responsible travel.

Where are some of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal?

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Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha), Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Namo Buddha, and various monasteries and temples in Kathmandu and neighboring areas are all important Buddhist pilgrimage destinations in Nepal.

What can I expect from a typical day on a Buddhist pilgrimage tour?

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Each day may include trips to sacred locations, meditation sessions, cultural studies, and spiritual learning opportunities. Itineraries vary, but you can expect a mix of cultural immersion and spiritual activities.




It was a wonderful trip. The weather was good and perfect for travelling. We enjoyed every bit of our journey.

Suzie Yusuh


Enjoyed alot during this trip with my friends.this was my one of the best moment of my life travelling with you guys.



Prashant was an outstanding tour guide. Very knowledgeable and passionate about Kathmandu and about the unique overlap of Hindi and Buddha.

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