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Successful Manaslu Circuit Trek is possible only through the right preparation and plan. Before beginning this beautiful journey in the remote area of Nepal, trekkers should know the challenges they might face and how to deal with them. This trek is usually completed in between 12-14 days. Plan your itinerary to acclimatize properly, with rest days at higher altitudes. The trail offers stunning views of Manaslu, the eighth-highest peak in the world, and diverse cultural experiences as you pass through traditional villages. You can also add a side trip to make the journey more adventurous. 

Even this trek is physically demanding but immersing yourself in the natural beauty is totally worth it. Trekkers need to take care of themself while trekking. You should always watch the surroundings while doing the Manaslu Circuit Trek and always follow the safety rules. Let us discuss how to plan yourself to make the journey more exciting and rewarding. Also, you should always choose the best trekking agency to book the trek.

Safety Should Be Your Number One Concern

Trekking in the Manaslu Circuit Trek is challenging; therefore, every trekker’s first step is to maintain safety. You should always follow the safety rules given by your Guide. Always pay attention to the surroundings and don’t take unnecessary risks. You are in charge of your health and well-being. Always maintain your health, and make sure to plan, prepare, and research before you begin your journey.

Tips to maintain safety while doing the Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Always Take A Guide
  • Research on High Altitude
  • Pack Necessary Med-Kit And Clothes
  • Do Insurance Before The Trek
  • Be Well Aware of Altitude Sickness
  • Avoid Traveling Solo As Much As Possible
  • Look Out For The Weather
  • Take Care Of Personal Hygiene
  • Be Self-Sufficient

Pack Essential Gear and Bring Your Own

Your porter will carry your luggage, but you are required to carry a day pack, so you need to pack wisely. The best way to pack the backpack is to pack all the important things without adding extra items. Also, before diving in the trek, you should know the weather conditions of that place. To deal with the weather you should pack the gear and clothing accordingly. Proper gear and equipment will help to make your journey easier and more comfortable. Also, don’t forget to carry the emergency trekking equipment.

Be Aware of Altitude Sickness 

Trekking in the Manaslu Circuit Trek and other similar trekking regions like EBC and Annapurna Region trekkers follow the common problem that is Altitude sickness. Altitude sickness occurs when your body doesn’t have enough time to adapt to the lower levels of oxygen at higher altitudes in the atmosphere. 

Altitude sickness can be cured if done immediately. If the trekkers didn’t take the altitude sickness seriously then it might be fatal. Headache, Nausea, vomiting, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, Malaise, Trouble sleeping, Dizziness, or lightheadedness are the first symptoms of altitude sickness. 

Its preventive measures are

  • Limit how fast you ascend
  • Take rest days to acclimate
  • Sleep at a lower altitude if possible
  • Preventive medications
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking

Carry Sufficient Cash and Don’t Depend on ATMs

Being in a remote area and close to the border with Tibet, this Manaslu Circuit Trek has limited atm facilities on the trail path. We advise you to carry the cash with you for expenses like meals, accommodations, and personal expenditures. It’s better if you carry the cash at least 200-400$. 

Take an Experienced Local Guide and Porter

Hiring the Guide and the porter is an easy process. If you’re trekking through the trekking agency then they will provide for you. Also, you can hire on our own. While hiring the Guide, you should check if they have a license from the Nepal government or not. Those who are licensed will care for you 24 hours during the trek. 

The Guide you choose should be the one who doesn’t drink alcohol during the trekking hour. A good guide will keep you safe, help if you need medical help, share interesting things about the culture, and make your trek fun. The cost of the Guide ranges from 25$-40$ per day, and for the porter, it will cost you around 20$-30$.

Book Your Trip with an Authorized Adventure Company

There are many trekking agencies in Nepal where you can book the trek either online through a website or by visiting the office. We request you to trek only through the registered company even though it might be a little expensive. The right company will help you make the journey wonderful and hassle-free. Also, the authorized company helps to assist you with things like hiring a Guide and porter, permits, taking care of transportation, arranging the hotel, and renting gear and equipment.

Choose the Right Time.

The right time for the Manaslu circuit trek is when the weather is pleasant and the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. A clear sky makes a perfect view of the mountains and the surroundings and makes the journey memorable. 

This type of weather can be found during the spring and autumn seasons. This season is also known as peak season, so thousands of trekkers trek this time. Due to the overcrow, it’s difficult to find the tea house and lodge in the higher altitude. So we recommend you book early so there will be no problem with lodging and food.

Maintain Physical and Mental Fitness

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit trek takes you to the highest elevation of Larkya La( 5,106 ) meters which requires a high level of Physical fitness. Also to have mental fitness is super important. Trekking at high altitude is not an easy job for everyone. 

Walking in a completely new place is something different, so you need to prepare yourself so that the journey will become fantastic. Therefore, you need to prepare physically and mentally before you embark on your journey to the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Let’s discuss how you maintain your physical and mental fitness. 

Strength training: During the Manaslu Circuit Trek every day, you will be walking for around 5-7 hours on average. So, the first priority before trekking is to increase your strength. Several exercises can be done to increase strength like Plank, Squats, Hip bridge, Stairmaster, Up exercise, High knees, Calf raises, etc. Also, we recommend you join the gym 3-4 months before the start of your trek.

Walking: It seems like walking is an easy job. But while you head out for the Manaslu Circuit, it is completely different. It’s not like walking on a normal road or park. You have to adapt to the terrain. In some places, the landscape is rugged, with numerous landslide areas. Also, the trail is uneven, so you need to be extremely careful. The first thing you need to make sure is you walk properly. Also, try walking in all weather conditions, and it will be helpful if you try using walking poles.

Better sleep quality: Sleep is another essential thing that helps to recover after a long day of hiking during the trek. You need to adapt your body to sleep in high-altitude areas and prepare yourself by sleeping in a sleeping bag.

About elevation: Trekking to high-altitude areas is a risky job. You need to learn how to walk, sleep, and maintain your health at a high altitude. Due to the low oxygen level in the higher altitude, there is also a high chance of altitude sickness. So before trekking, research how high you will be trekking and plan accordingly.

Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise is also one of the core things that helps to increase physical fitness. Aerobic exercises include Walking, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Bicycling, Swimming, Jumping rope, and Dancing.

Mental preparation: A proper mindset is required to make the trek successful. So believe in yourself and push your limits while trekking. To maintain your mental fitness, you can start joining yoga classes. Also eating healthy food and maintaining balanced diet food is extremely important to maintain mental health.

Final Say

With the right plan and the preparation, even though this journey is challenging, it will not be as difficult as it seems. Well-planned helps to ease the difficulties and helps to manage the challenges. 

Before trekking on this beauty journey, make yourself physically and mentally fit. Make the determination to convert goals into success. Choose the best agency and professional Guide and porter for the trek. And the most important thing is to do research about the place. Further, if you have any queries about this trek or any other trek inside Nepal, then you can contact us anytime. Have a great day!

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