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As we all know that the world is suffering from the pandemic COVID 19 from March 2020. World’s most of the travel destinations are totally affected by the pandemic and challenging globally till date. COVID 19 mostly affected tourism sectors such as travel companies, hotel, tourist transportations, airlines, tour companies etc.

Nepal a small country situated in south Asia between two giant countries China and India also cannot be untouched with it and we had same issues here from the March 2020. From March 24 we had lockdown till July 21 which means we couldn’t go out unless we have emergency cases. Everything has been closed and at that time the COVID 19 was almost under control. Once the Nepal government partially lifted the lockdown on 22 July 2020 then there was movement of people around the cities and even people started to come from India the COVID 19 infected people started to increased. Now about 28000 people infected in Nepal and more than 100 people died from it.

Tourism is one of Nepal’s largest industries. Tourism revenue in 2018 accounted for 7.9% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and supported 1.05 million jobs, with the expectation of providing 1.35 million jobs by 2029. Nepal hosted 1.19 million foreign tourists in 2019, and the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign, officially introduced on 1 January, aimed to attract 2 million tourists, generate $2 billion and create thousands of new jobs. Nepal mostly depended on tourism has been ruined by COVID 19 and about one million people have been lost their job. As we are tourism workers don’t have work from March 2020 till date and it will be lengthen till uncertainty. Hope full the COVID 19 medicine or vaccine would be found soon and we can get back to normal life soon. The international flight open is still uncertain.

We, Third Eye Adventure are hoping the situation would be normal from 2021 spring season. Some of our cancelled trip has been postponed till spring 2021. We would suggest all of our clients, well-wishers to plan your trip now and you can travel later once the pandemic is over. We really need support from all of you to make alive tourism. We are specialized on Trekking as well as peak climbing, tours etc. throughout in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Please do contact us and spread the message to your friends circle. Stay connected safe and healthy.


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