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If you’re planning to have a great time in Nepal, make sure to check out Chitwan National Park. Chitwan National Park (CNP), established in 1973, was Nepal’s first National Park, which is located in the Southern Central Terai of Nepal. This extraordinary National Park in Nepal is famous for its incredible wildlife! Bengal Tigers, One-horned rhinos, leopards, reptiles, and over 500 species of birds are among the amazing wildlife that make their habitat in this magical place.

Chitwan National Park is close to Kathmandu city, which you can reach either by driving or by flight. The driving distance between Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park is 181 km. The road trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park takes around 4-5 hours.

If you decide to take a flight, it’s a quick 20-minute journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan. Your plane will land at Bharatpur Airport, the starting point for exploring Chitwan National Park. The airport is just about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the park. Easy and convenient

Another highlight of this tour is that you can stay overnight in the jungle. It is a unique experience. With running water, flush toilets, comfy beds, and amazing views, it makes for a really comfortable and special night.

From thrilling wildlife safaris to bird watching, canoeing adventures, and cultural delights, Chitwan National Park offers a variety of exciting activities. This tour is a fantastic way to fully immerse yourself in the park’s beauty and diverse experiences. It’s the perfect package for an unforgettable journey.

And don’t miss trying the yummy local food from the Tharu people, like Ghonghi and Tass. This place is perfect for friends, family, nature lovers, and photographers – everyone will have a good time.

Let’s know about the top things to do and see in the Chitwan National Park after you visit here.

Jeep Safari

Best Season: March, April, October, and November 

Duration: short safari ride(4 hours)/ Full day 

Price:US$25 to US$210 

Time: early morning to 5 pm

The first thing that visitors must do in Chitwan National Park is go on a Jeep Safari. Sitting in the back of the Jeep, you will explore the wildlife with your own eyes. There are two options for the Jeep Safari: one is a short safari, and another is a full-day Safari. The short safari usually starts at 1 pm and finishes around 5 pm. On a short safari, you’ll be in a jeep for about 4 hours, and there will be a maximum of 7 people riding with you.

For the full-day safari, you will have a better seat, and you will be riding in the private Jeep. This trip starts early in the morning and finishes around 5 pm. This trip takes you deeper inside the jungle and also gives you more chances to see the tiger. Also, you will have your lunch inside the jungle, which will be more fun. Lunch is included in the package.

Bath with Elephant

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: 1hr

Price: 200 to 500 rupees.

Time: morning to evening

You can have a fun time in Chitwan National Park by riding on the back of an elephant at the Rapti River. These domestic Asian Elephants are trained and extremely friendly to human beings. They love spraying water to cool everyone off, making it an unforgettable experience for visitors. Hanging out with the biggest animals on Earth, playing with them, and feeding them is amazing. When you get to scrub their wrinkly skin with help from an experienced mahout (elephant caretaker), it’s a special and cool feeling.

Visit the Elephant Breeding Centre

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: 1hr+

Price: Nepalese 25 Rs, Indian50 Rs, SAARC50,Foreigners including chinese 100Rs

Time: 8 am – 5 pm

The Elephant Breeding Center in Nepal was established by the Nepal government to have more elephants for patrolling forests and studying conservation. When people come to visit, they can see the elephants and playful baby elephants and even feed them bananas and other fruits. This is an excellent place where you can see how much love and care these big animals get. After visiting here, you will know why elephant conservation is important and the challenges they face in the wild. It’s a great view that anyone, young or old, can enjoy by walking or taking a jeep. You can also rent horse carts or bicycles.

Canoeing at Rapti River

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: 0.5hr+

Price: from 50$

Time: From morning to evening

Visitors love going canoeing in the Rapti River at Chitwan National Park. It is one of the best things to do when you visit the Chitwan National Park. When you go canoeing, a person paddles a wooden canoe down the river while you enjoy the calm and look at the plants and animals in the park. The river has crocodiles, otters, and different birds along the sides. The river is really pretty and calm, and you can see amazing views around.

Another best part of canoeing is you might see the rare Gharial crocodile, which is endangered. This trip takes you close to their home. You don’t have to worry; it is absolutely safe to do, whether you are a child, young or old. You can pick the package from half day to full day or even combine it with other trips.

Crocodile Breeding Center

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: No time limitation

Price: N/A

Time: From morning to evening

In 1978, the national park folks set up the Gharial Breeding Center to protect a rare and endangered fish-eating crocodile called the Gharial. They want to make more baby crocodiles and release them into the wild. When you visit the breeding center during a Chitwan Jungle Safari, you’ll see both baby crocodiles and the big ones. It’s an incredible scene, especially watching the baby crocodiles doing their thing.

Elephant Ride and Safari

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: 1hr – 1.5hr

Price: 1500+ Nrs per person(Nepalese), 25$ for foreigners.

Time: From morning to evening

Chitwan National Park is one of the best places for Elephant riding. Entering the dense forest where wild animals live by riding the elephant is the safest one. It’s like an adventure riding on an elephant in a peaceful forest. It’s so cool and exciting, especially when you hear the wild birds singing while sitting on the elephant’s back. Sitting back on the trained elephant and watching the wild animals, including the one-horned rhino, is a once-in-a-lifetime memory. We suggest that you wear close shoes and comfortable clothes to ride the elephant.

New Sauraha Tharu Cultural House

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: 2 hours

Price: RS 200 

Time: The show starts at 7 pm

This cultural house is another must-visit place while you are traveling in Chitwan National Park. Absolutely make sure to include this top-notch tourist attraction on your list when visiting Chitwan National Park. A well-spent evening can’t be perfect without attending the cultural program in this venue. Different types of dancing include fire dance, stick dance, and peacock dance. The programme runs from 7 pm until 8 pm. They show their culture through dance. 

It is a wonderful place to observe Tharu folk dances; the audience may get a chance to be involved in certain dances, too. It is about an hour long, and you get to see some amazing performances by outstanding local Tharu community artists. The music will captivate you, and the dance will make you stand up. You won’t realize how fast this one hour escaped. You will smile, laugh, and be amazed in different ways for each performance.

Valmiki Ashram

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: Unlimited

Price: Free

Time: Morning to evening 

It is a small temple or hermitage located in the Chitwan National Park in a beautiful and well-protected jungle. The name of this Ashram is after the famous Valmiki, who is said to have written the epic Ramayana in this peaceful spot thousands of years ago. To reach this Ashram, you need to cross the river by boat, which you can take from the TribeniGhat. They will charge a minimal amount, i.e., only 25Rs. Then, after walking for around twenty minutes, you can reach this peaceful and beautiful place. 

Around the 15 January or 1st of Magh(Nepali calendar), you can see special occasions organized where you can see the circus rides, dramas, and cultural programs. Not only is this place really important but you can also have a good time strolling through the jungle. And it’s interesting to see locals doing their religious and hygiene activities, making it an enjoyable and peaceful experience.

Visit Bish Hajari Taal

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration:  2hr+

Price: Free

Time: Morning to evening

The name Bish Hajari taal means 20 thousand lakes. This is an amazing place for bird lovers to watch the birds. The lake area is also an excellent spot for people who love reptiles because it’s home to lots of crocodiles. You can see the various species of birds that migrated from different countries. You can also see the one-horned rhino taking a bath in this taal. This lake is gorgeous and peaceful, a place to relax and enjoy.

Cycling in Chitwan

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: Unlimited

Price: Fee of cycle(hourly basis) and need to pay extra inside the national park.

Time: Morning to evening

Besides the jungle safari and other activities, cycling is also famous here. You can also rent a bicycle and roam around the nearby village, traditional home, farmland, and river, or you can even visit the Chitwan National Park by cycle. Cycling is an excellent way to explore the Tharu village and observe the lifestyle of this ethnic group. You don’t have to be really good at cycling because it’s a simple ride. We suggest cycling early in the morning to avoid the heat in the afternoon.

Jungle Walks

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: Unlimited

Price: Entrance fee plus Fee of hiring two guides

Time: Morning to evening

If you like walking and exploring nature, one of the best things to do in Chitwan National Park is to take a walk. It is compulsory to get the entrance ticket and guide- one stands in front of the group and the other in the backside. Even this rule applies to solo travelers also. During the walk, you can spot numerous gharials, birds, deer, peacocks, wild elephants, boar, and many more. If you are lucky you might see the Royal Bengal tiger also.

The guide will provide all the safety instructions for you and you should follow them strictly. You cannot carry any weapon during the walk. Lunch facilities are also provided to fuel your body before moving further deeper in the jungle.

Tharu Village walk

Best Season: Any season, any month

Duration: Unlimited

Price: Free

Time: Morning to evening

The Tharu village is not too far from the center of Sauraha – just a 30-40 minute walk, which is about 2 kilometers. You don’t have to pay anything to enter the village, and it’s a good idea to go when there are tour groups around. This way, you can have conversations in English and get guided tours from locals who know a lot about the place. The Tharu Village in Chitwan shows you how the Tharu people live every day. It has simple mud and reed huts that give you a real feel for their authentic way of life. You’ll see domestic and farm animals walking around or kept in pens, adding to the village’s natural and simple atmosphere.

There’s also a small museum in the village displaying traditional tools and clothes used by the Tharu people for their everyday farming. This display helps visitors learn more about the community’s history and the practical things they do in their daily lives.

Final Say

I hope you enjoy reading the blog about things to do and see in Chitwan National Park. Chitwan National Park is one of the unique places to visit, offering a beautiful view of nature along with cultural and historical places. This place is suitable from children to the older people. 

All these activities that you have read above are possible through the years with your friends and family. For the most enjoyable experience, plan your trip to this place in March, April, October, and November. These months are the best for making the most out of your visit. You will need at least three days to enjoy all these activities inside the national park. It is also a fantastic palace to be in before heading towards the trekking place inside Nepal. If you want to be here in Chitwan National Park or have any related queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch or contact us

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