Visit Nepal 2020

  • Updated on Mar 16, 2021
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So, the question comes here, why should you visit Nepal in 2020?

The unique geography and people living here has made the endless potential for Nepal to become the top destination to travel. This realm has got everything at one place from plain Terai to the high Himalayas. You can find numerous adventurous and wild trekking trails, several expeditions, thrilling sports activities, and hundreds of tradition & culture make every journey more magical. You will find cuisines from all around the world in the big cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, while isolated regions limit the food menu. Hundreds of flora & fauna and gorgeous sceneries make Nepal paradise for nature lovers. Moreover, precious handicraft items, precise architectures, bustling streets, picturesque valleys, lovely villages, historical landmarks, and rich legends is like cherry on the top for any traveler. You will find the most welcoming and kind-hearted people here who love to share their journey of life and help you with whatever you want.

Unlike other countries, you will find a sense of warmth here that makes traveling to Nepal even more special. It is a place where you will definitely love being every second and every moment will going to be a lifelong memory. The pure and youthful environment will surely make your soul happy and cheerful. There are not enough words to rave about Nepal.

Not to mention with all the efforts and available possibilities, 2020 will be going to be the grand year for Nepal and we want you to become the part of this big year.