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Nowadays, when discovering the world goes beyond sightseeing and experiencing, the most important choice you will face will be to find a partner for an adventure. For Third Eye Adventure, our mission is two-fold: we not only want to discover new destinations but also leave our communities with a permanent and positive impact by interacting with them.

The Third Eye Adventure is not only the name but also our business because we are not only guides; we are the one-stop center for trekking in the Himalayas. Security is the key factor for us. We give you the best value and an A+ service during the whole process.

We are concerned with the ecosystem and communities we visit, therefore, we engage in ecotourism and ensure that our effect is constructive. We never mistreat our employees and all of our trips will happen as planned without fail.

It is simple to book, and we guarantee to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. Moreover, we provide group rates. We are liked by people who have won awards and by those who recommend us.

We ensure that all our guides are approved and we are enough to give you the necessary attention. Although Nepal is our headquarters, our expeditions do go much further. What you will have signed up for is not just a trek, but a truly special voyage.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we explore why walking with Third Eye Adventure is a choice that stands out from being a regular tourist.

Sustainable Tourism:

Nowadays, when people have to contend with environmental challenges, sustainable tourism gets a lot of public attention. At Third Eye Adventure, we take this responsibility very seriously. For us it is not just a phrasey word; we do everything like that. We ensure that every trip we are planning has a positive effect on the Earth and the people who are here. 

We are ecological in many ways. We self-select accommodations and the means of transport that are not harmful to the environment for ourselves. Besides, we use fewer things and spare the most energy. However, this helps protect the planet from our travels. 

No, it is not limited to the environment only. As well, we are concerned about the local people who are the host communities. We assist with projects that help to maintain nature and fight for animal rights as well.

Consequently, we always endeavor to keep their beliefs and cultures intact, as we journey together. By traveling with us you do not simply travel. In your little way, you are cleaning up the planet and putting food on the plates of the people who live here. Therefore, let’s go together and check out sustainably, or else we can make our planet awesome for generations to come. 

Supporting Communities Through Our Sister Company, Third Eye Foundation:

Travel is more than only going to the destinations, rather it is about changing lives. At Third Eye Adventure, we are convinced that tourism can influence communities with a multitude of effects. Thus, we put our energy into making travel a positive force in the world. 

By means of our sister foundation Third Eye Foundation, we participate in various projects that are directed at Nepalese community development. TEF Nepali is a non-profit social organization operating in the rural villages of Nepal in areas like Baseri, Dhading, and many more. The communities are equally important to us and we support them by means of improving education, health, and empowering women. 

Moreover, we run a charity program and we try to enable disadvantaged people including students from rural areas. As you trek with us, you are not just doing a trip; you are giving to the world. Whether it’s building schools, providing healthcare, empowering women, assisting students, or supporting the needy, every trek with Third Eye Adventure contributes to making the world a better place

Very knowledgeable and friendly Guides:

At Third Eye Adventure, our guides are not only experts but in leading treks all over Nepal as well. Whether you want to experience well-known spots or peaceful treks, our knowledgeable guides will be there to assist. 

They are regularly trained and licensed by the National Academy for Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM). Therefore, you can get ultimate confidence from them, especially in the areas that are hostile. 

However, our guides carry out more than just showing you the directions. They’re great storytellers too! They will tell you the most fascinating stories about the local culture and nature, making your trekking even more interesting.

They are not only friendly but also the happiest people around who will always go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best experience possible. Whether you are a novice or a professional trekker, our guides give you guidance and guarantee your trek is all about fun and discovery. Trust us to do everything in our power to make sure it will be a safe as well as an unforgettable journey for you!

We tailor a package that suits your budget (Budget-friendly):

The fact that we are aware that every one of us travels our own way at Third Eye Adventure is something that we appreciate. Hence we launch custom designs, just for you. Whatever type of person you may be, whether it is the one who is looking for heart-pounding adventures or the other one who is looking for peaceful places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature we’ve got something for everyone.

Custom plans for individual clients are based on the level of fitness, interests, and available budget so everything from the main attractions to the activities is picked to your liking. The goal is to ensure that from the moment you are picked, up to the time you are dropped off, your trip excels your expectations and gives you passionately memorable moments.

And the best part? Budget-friendly packaging is one of our priorities to ensure you can travel on your wishful dream vacation without further worries about exceeding the budget.

Whether you choose an iconic trekking destination like Everest Base Camp TrekAnnapurna Circuit Trek, or remote trekking destinations in Nepal, we will assist you in customizing the itinerary according to your needs and interests.

With the quality product of Third Eye Adventure, you no longer contribute to the creativity of your trip since all the details have been supervised to the end product only for you.

Family Touch – Where Our Business Feels Like Your Home Away from Home:

We’re a lot more than just a company at Third Eye Adventure. That’s right—we’re a family. We know that the moment you step into the facility, you are either anxious or noisy because of the anticipated moment. However, we ensure a warm embrace that goes beyond the hospitality industry. The goal is that you get the feeling that wherever you go, you always have friends with you, and that our staff and guide are part of a single big family.

Whether you’re camping around the bonfire with story times, enjoying a delicious meal with a local family, or even receiving special care and attention given to you personally, our family touch guarantees that your journey with us is much more than just an ordinary one. It is here now that you see everyone is authentic, every communication matters, and moments of life are preserved.

Final Say 

In a world of change, travel remains a constant source of transformation. At Third Eye Adventure, we believe in the power of exploration to change lives. Join us on a journey where you’ll discover new horizons, have thrilling adventures, and create lasting connections. From trekking through Nepal’s majestic Himalayas to immersing yourself in its vibrant culture, every experience with us is an opportunity for growth and discovery.

As a registered trekking agency in Nepal, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. Our experienced guides are committed to providing you with a memorable and enriching journey. So why wait? Take the first step towards an unforgettable adventure with Third Eye Adventure. Book your trek today and let’s embark on a journey of a lifetime together.

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