Kanchenjunga Trek - 22 days

  • Destination: Nepal

Our Kanchenjunga Trek is an extremely adventurous journey into eastern Nepal that offers a little bit of everything. At its best, you will be tucked away in the remote alpine territory of the Kanchenjunga (8586 meters), the third highest mountain in the world. On each day on the extended journey, you will be shocked by the sheer beauty of hillside villages, massive glaciers, and snowy peaks. The Kanchenjunga Trek is the quintessential Himalayan adventure.

Despite how incredible the Kanchenjunga Trek is, it is possible to hike for days without seeing another foreigner. This allows trekkers to get more familiar with the locals along the trail. Meet Rai, Limbu, Tibetan, and other ethnic groups during your stays in the various villages. Each group has its own dialect as well as a different dress, and way of life than most Nepalese. You might be surprised by their genuine hospitality. If we get the chance try local tongba, hot fermented millet one – a perfect end to a long day on the trail.

The Kanchenunga Trek is known for the common wildlife along the trail. While walking, you may run into the Impedance Pheasant, Red –Billed Blue Magpie, Himalayan black bear, Musk Deer, and if we are extra lucky, the Red Panda.

At the beginning, we trek through the lowlands. Admire the structurally fascinating farm fields built into the side of the hills as we slowly gain altitude. We climb further, past lush forests of oak and the magnificent rhododendron trees. Before we know it, mountain views peer into our vision. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga (four of the five highest mountains in the world) surprise us at different times. Seeing these mountains in all their glory is something few people have the privilege of experiencing. Save this moment in your mind forever. Still, the best is yet to come.

From the mesmerizing Yalung Glacier, we continue up and cross a couple of high passes. Eventually, the trail reached Pang Pema (5140 meters), the highest point of our trek. Here, Kanchenjunga summit expeditions take off from. Finally, we cross one more high pass and make a descent, past picturesque yak grazing pastures. Here, we get another amazing view of the southwest face of Kanchenjunga, a most amazing sight.

The Kanchenjunga Trek is not an easy one. However, it is incredibly rewarding for those who brave this long, sometimes strenuous route. The trail rewards trekkers with mossy, old forests, precious villages, and absolutely stunning mountain peaks. Take this once in a lifetime journey!

You can take the Kanchenjunga Trek all throughout the year. The best times to make the trip, though, are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. These seasons provide the best weather and clearest skies, not to mention that during the springtime, beautiful flowers are in bloom. Third Eye Adventure Pvt. Ltd. handles the trek with complete management. If you have any questions about the trek, do ask!