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Testimonial - 10 Days Tamang Heritage Trek



I went on a Tamang heritage trek with guide Sudip, and his brother prabin, who was my personal porter.

Sudip is a very cheerful and chatty guy, his energy during the trek was amazing to uplift the mood. Despite he’s tired himself, he always put in his 101% effort to make the trek enjoyable. He seemed like a social butterfly that he was good with all of the tea house hosts and I could tell he’s someone approachable. We all also had interesting conversations and I liked it that he would share with me about the mountains and culture around me.

prabin, despite being a personal porter, he also put in a lot of heart work, more than his role and looking out for me (safety and well being wise). Despite someone reserved and quiet by nature (I think), he also tried to have small conversations and I could imagine him being courageous to step out of his comfort zone (even it being his very first time with trekking guest). I thought he already did great and I hope he will have more of such opportunities while enjoying future treks. In fact, I don’t feel he’s a porter but like a second guide – this was how dedicated in his service too.

Overall, I appreciated both of their services in ensuring my safety and well-being – both being very dedicated in their roles and attempted going above beyond. I also thankful to third eye adventure for making my journey wonderful.