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Testimonial - Mera Peak Climbing – 14 Days

Third Eye Adventure



I recently had the pleasure of climbing Mera Peak with Third Eye Adventures. The team was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and gave us the best advice and support throughout the entire journey. We had an excellent seven-day trek to Khare, and the acclimatization was perfect. The food and rest in the lodges were superb, and the plan for activity and rest was spot on. On the climb, our guide Nirdesh Pudasaini was an excellent mentor, providing us with invaluable advice that allowed us to reach the summit. Rajan and Dipesh were both incredibly strong porters, and their help was invaluable. Finally, when one of our group members had an injury during the descent, the team provided a fast and efficient solution.All in all, I would highly recommend Third Eye Adventures for anyone looking to climb Mera Peak. They are an incredible team that is sure to make your climb a success.