Why Book with Us

Ask anyone who has ever been to Nepal and they will tell you that it is unlike any country in the world. From the jungle-like landscape in the Terai, to the always surprising Kathmandu Valley, all the way up to the towering Himalayas, Nepal never disappoints. We strive to give our guests the fullest experience possible; to make the most of this beautiful country.

Third Eye Adventure Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience spanning across all parts of Nepal.Our team has worked in several different companies, andhas had much time to learn about treks and expeditions in Nepal. Combining our years of expertise, we hope to bestow our knowledge and experience to give you the time of your life here.

Having a guide in the Himalaya gives you a more enriching experience. Our experienced guides provide insider secrets at each destination. If you trek with Third Eye Adventure Pvt. Ltd., you will have an experience that goes beyond that of the average tourist, gaining deep insight into the history and geography of the place.

Our packages are tailored to your interests, while maintaining your safety and comfortability throughout. We promote ethical business practices – our costs are honest and there are no hidden or added fees. We recognize the importance ofrespectingthe local culture and customs in each village we trek through.

Lastly, we take care of each of your travel needs. From the moment you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport to the moment you leave Nepal, we manage all of the details. No need to stress about how to get from place to place, we handle that. If you extend your trip outside of our itinerary, we can give you advice on must-see spots in Kathmandu and beyond. We genuinely want you to have a memorable, amazing time in Nepal.