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Are you planning to participate in a charitable tour and trek in Nepal? So, with Third Eye Adventure we are preparing for the unforgettable, where adventure is intertwined with charity. Our team is hard at work to make sure that you are given a chance to discover Nepal’s amazing geography and at the same time help the local people. 

From education to women empowerment, environmental conservation, and everything we do, our mission is to transform the world into a better place with a legacy of compassion and togetherness. If you’re ready to start the journey of purpose, come along as we hike with passion and direction through the stunning sceneries of the Himalayas. 

Highlights of Charity Tour and Trek

  • Provide English language skills to underprivileged individuals for broader opportunities.
  • Teach English, sports, and IT to nurture young minds in monasteries.
  • Assist local schools with English proficiency and sports training.
  • Organize activities and homework help at child care centers.
  • Offer care and resources to children with intellectual disabilities.
  • Conduct workshops and activities to empower women.
  • Contribute to construction projects for better infrastructure.
  • Promote eco-friendly practices during treks.
  • Engage in cultural immersion activities.
  • Provide aid and charity work to underprivileged villages.
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Individual or Group Charities Before or After Trek

At Third Eye Adventure, it is our mission to also give back beyond just a trail. This is why we are honored to have our own sister company, Thireyefoundation based in the Dhading district of Nepal. Altogether, with the help of the Third Eye Foundation, it has turned out to be possible to help economically deprived people, women’s rights and health, and education for the real people of this area. 

These scholarships not only cater to their school fees but also provide learners with basic education needs like books, exercise copies, pens, pencils, and school bags. With the supply of these resources, we want to equip the students and make sure that they can perform to the best of their potential. 

As a client of Third Eye Adventure, you have an added option of extending your support towards this cause. You could also help provide for these vital education materials by either donating the cost of buying the items or participating in charity endeavors either before or after your trek. 

Your support will go to the needy students, enabling them to get the essentials needed for their education to avoid dropping out, hence making a positive difference in their lives. Help us make a change, educate these students for success, and help them to do the very best they can be. 

Corporate Social Responsibility: Making a Lasting Impact Before or After Your Trek

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Some of the trekking-related community projects that trekkers could undertake include painting school walls; class decorations; and putting in safety railings among others. Your coursework’s concrete data can contribute to the betterment of environments in government schools and help to increase the level of student protection. 

Corporative social responsibility assumes a different perspective with the help of charity tours and treks. Let us engage the business world in creating a positive and unique influence on the societies we interact with. More so, the sustainability of any business can always be achieved when one sets the interests of the business together with the general welfare of the community through the organization of better team-building activities. 

The range of areas where corporate groups can make a difference includes community development initiatives, boosting local schools, or carrying out programs aimed at preserving the environment, and all these suggest that a lasting positive impact of goodwill is possible in Nepal. 

Such initiatives are not only charitable and impactful for the destinations they visit but also create and enhance corporate cultures as well as positive morale and feelings of accomplishment for the employees. Be a part of making Nepal a better place while working towards giving back to the community on behalf of your company. 

Volunteering and Trekking: Combining Adventure with Purpose

Join hands with us to have the package of trekking and volunteering to make your journey more interesting. Begin with 1-2 weeks of volunteering teaching and interacting with children in schools or by taking part in traditional farming within villages. One of the requirements for a rewarding volunteering abroad is allowing you to engage with the communities you will later have to trek through and learn more about their culture.

Through teaching, helping in other forms of traditional tasks, and participating in projects that can contribute to the development of the communities you are attending, you are directly involved with these communities.

When your volunteer program is complete, go on a tour of the beautiful Nepalese scenery, having been enriched by the people you’ve met, and the work that you’ve done. It means that traveling with a mission not only helps to discover the fantastic nature of Nepal but also to create a positive impact on the regions one visits.

Everest Base Camp Charity Trek: A visit of one of the most popular routes – the Everest Base Camp along with possibilities to give back to the communities during the trek. 

Annapurna Circuit Charity Trek: The Annapurna Circuit trek together with participating in charity activities for the benefit of the impoverished villages and schools. 

Langtang Valley Charity Trek: Trek to the naturally beautiful Langtang Valley and involved in charity work like teaching in the schools or working on construction projects. 

Ghorepani Poon Hill Charity Trek: For those interested in stunning Poon Hill panoramic landscapes, this trek also enables the participants to support the poor population of the villages in the area. 

Manaslu Circuit Charity Trek: Join a demanding trek to the Manaslu region and at the same time give something to the local community by supporting their projects and volunteering. 

Upper Mustang Charity Trek: Discover the otherworldly views of Upper Mustang while doing your part for locally-driven projects that will help with the conservation of native customs as well as attempts to empower rural livelihoods. 

Helambu Charity Tour: Explore the villages of the Helambu trekking through stunning rhododendron forests and help with volunteer work at schools or local farms teaching English or doing farming chores. 

Kathmandu Valley Charity Tour: Tour through ancient cultural landmarks of the Kathmandu Valley and perform volunteer work to benefit needy people in the city. 

Annapurna Base Camp Charity Trek: Volunteer and go on a journey to the Annapurna Base Camp located in the Gandaki zone of Nepal, northwest of Pokhara, and work on projects supporting education and infrastructure programs that help benefit the people of the region. 

Kanchenjunga Circuit Charity Trek: Trekking in the heart of stunning Kanchenjunga and supporting causes that aim to enhance facilities in healthcare, education, and communities’ welfare for distant areas. 

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How to book a Charity tour and trek with Third Eye Adventure


Booking a charity tour and trek with Third Eye Adventure is indeed a straightforward process. Here’s a detailed guide to help clarify and simplify the booking procedure:

Research and Choose Your Trek:

The first and the important things that every trekker need to keep in mind is proper research about the trekking place. You should be completely aware of the destination, itinerary days, challenge, best time, and charitable initiatives associated with each trek

Contact Third Eye Adventure: 

You can contact us through email, contact number, or WhatsApp app to let us know your interests and preferences. We will need the information regarding your preferred date to travel, preferred trek, group size, desired dates, and any specific requirements so that we can manage earlier to make your journey smooth and adventurous.

Tel:+977 1 4514051

Cell:+977 9851175534


Consultation and Customization: 

We at Third Eye Adventures also provide the facilities to make customized itineraries according to the client. You can consult with our expert team to know more in details regarding the trip.

Itinerary Confirmation and Booking:

After you choose the desired destination for the trip we will send you a details copy of the package which will provide you a detailed information like itinerary days, and what is included or not. Also, you can know payment methods, booking terms and conditions and we will send you a confirmation letter through mail.

After you read the details of the package you need to send us the 20% cost of the total package. The cost will be in US dollars, and you can convert your currency into US dollars for the payment. We accept international bank transfers, credit cards,  PAYPAL, MONEY GRAM, or WESTERN UNION etc.

Note: Banking service charges will be the responsibility of the client.

Preparation and Logistics:

After your booking is confirmed we will start to work on the necessary preparations that are required for the trek. Third Eye Adventure will manage all the things like transportation, food, accommodation, permit, guide and porter, etc. Also, we will provide guidance on preparing physically and mentally according to the difficulty of the trek. 

Embark on Your Trek:

As per your scheduled date, we will receive you from the Kathmandu International Airport. Then transfer you to the hotel that we have booked for you. Then we will have a short meeting regarding the trek and you will also get a chance to meet your guide. You need to pay us the remaining payment of the related package before embarking.

Post-Trek Feedback and Sharing:

It will be a great opportunity for us to hear about the feedback from our clients. You can also share experiences through testimonials, reviews, or social media to inspire others to join similar adventures. If you want to add any side trips, sightseeing, or tours or want to extend your visa it is also possible.

Final Say 

Adding a charity tour and trek to Third Eye Adventure means going on a journey not only for fun but also for making the world a better place. Therefore, by helping the needy communities as well as engaging in practices that benefit the natural setting, one is improving the standards of living in Nepal. 

So, don’t wait! Volunteer with us and help ‘make a difference’ as you also explore the natural beauty around you in Nepal. Third Eye Adventure offers the most exciting charity tours, charity treks and charity holidays so come and join and be a part of something great! 

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