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Have you started preparation for the Manaslu Circuit Trek? We are here to counsel you in balancing your budget for such a phenomenal trip.

The trek takes you through the breathtaking wonders of waterfalls, forests, and mountains and, finally, to the delightful ending at Manaslu Mountain. It’s located in the western region of Nepal, and it offers the most fantastic views that will imprint on you.

Recently, the Manaslu Circuit Trek has been more popular than other ones, such as the Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Base Camp. Interestingly, although it is off the beaten track, it’s becoming the No.1 destination for adrenaline junkies.

The hike is a combination of difficulty and enjoying the scenery, and it is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers. However, if you are a novice trekker, you need to be in physical and mental shape in order to have a safe and amazing trekking experience.

In your planning, be sure to factor in the cost of all materials so that you have everything covered and the result will be unforgettable.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Package

Check out our different packages from Third Eye Adventure. We made them carefully to suit all kinds of tastes and schedules. There’s something for everyone. Here’s a general overview of estimated expenses for the Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Such series are found in kind, but they differ in speed and activities. The chances of you choosing the one you like that meets your expectations will be there, with the benefit of adherence to your budget. Try to catch a group discount if you can because the numbers grow the bigger your group is. In other words, if you add more mates to your group swamp, the cost of the adventure is less for the whole group.

Factors Influencing Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Factors that affect the cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek include the duration of the trek, the level of accommodation chosen, the number of guides and porters required, permits and fees, transportation to and from the trek starting point, and additional expenses such as food and equipment.

In simpler terms, things like how long you’ll be trekking, where you’ll stay, how many guides and porters you need, permits, transportation, and other costs can all impact how much the Manaslu Circuit Trek will cost.

International Airfare

International airfare is one of the factors that affect the overall cost of the Manaslu circuit trek. If you travel in the peak seasons, traveling costs will be more expensive than off-season. Also, booking time, the season of travel, departure city, and airline preference also play a vital role in the flight price.

Travel Visa

To make it easy for tourists from other countries, the Nepalese government offers on-arrival visas for most travelers. You can get the arrival visa after showing the documents and paying fees in a very short period of time at Tribhuvan International Airport. Travelers should get a visa depending on the time they will spend here in Nepal.

  • For 15 Days – 30 USD
  • For 30 Days – 50 USD
  • For 90 Days – 125 USD

Accommodation Cost

While Staying in Kathmandu

After you arrive at Kathmandu International Airport (TIA), a trekking agency representative will pick you up and drive you to the nice standard hotel. The breakfast will be complementary in the hotel. For the meal and the drinks, you need to pay the extra. The cost of staying in the hotel will be included in the package.

While staying in the tea house

The lodge/guest house in the trekking areas is known as a tea house. You will be staying in the tea house during the trekking time. The cost of staying in the tea house and including three meals will be included in the package. But for the wifi and the hot shower facilities, you need to pay on your own. The cost of wifi and hot shower facilities varies depending upon the altitude of the tea house. 

Transportation Cost

All transportation facilities as per the itinerary, including Airport transfers, will be provided by our company. If the transportation provided doesn’t meet your needs or if you want to upgrade the service, you can do so by paying extra. For instance, if the plan says you’ll travel by bus, but you prefer to hire a private Jeep, you’ll need to pay the additional cost of using the Jeep.

Food and Drinks Cost

While staying in Kathmandu

During your stay in Kathmandu for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you’ll have a few days to explore and enjoy the local cuisine. The cost of food will be entirely up to you, as there is a wide range of restaurants available, catering to different budgets and preferences. From affordable eateries to more upscale dining establishments, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. Depending on the level of service and ambiance you desire, the prices for food and drinks may vary accordingly. So, whether you’re craving a budget-friendly meal or looking to indulge in a fine dining experience, Kathmandu offers something for every palate and budget.

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While staying in the tea house

Three meals are provided in the tea house for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The tea houses are generally basic, and limited food items are only available. Although the menu items are limited, they provide nourishing meals to sustain trekkers during their journey. For hot/cold or alcoholic beverages, the cost totally depends on you. Drinks items will not be included in the package.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit Cost

To preserve the natural beauty of the Manaslu region, the government of Nepal has implemented a law that requires a permit to trek in this region. Therefore, every trekker that goes trekking must have a permit. This permit will be checked at various checkpoints. Trekkers should carry this permit all the time. If failed to do so, legal action will be taken, including a fine.

Let’s know what types of permits are required and their costs. 

Manaslu Restricted Area Permit

  • September – November:- 100$ per person per week & 15$ per person per day after the first week
  • December – August:- 75$ per person per week & 10$ per person per day after the first week

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit

  • For SAARC nationals, it will cost you NRs. 1000 per person 
  • For foreigners, it will cost you NRs. 3000 per person.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit

  • For SAARC nationals, it will cost you NRs. 1000 per person 
  • For foreigners, it will cost you NRs. 3000 per person.

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit(Optional)

If you are planning for the  Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley, then you need to collect a special permit. Like the Manaslu Region, Tsum Valley is also a restricted area, so you must obtain a restricted area permit. 

  • September – November, 40$ per person per week & 7$  per person per day after the first week
  • December – August, 30$ per person per week, 7$  per person per day after the first week

Nar-Phu Valley Restricted Permit(Optional)

Similarly, you can also take a side trip to Nar-Phu Valley. Nar-Phu Valley is also a restricted area, so trekking in this place also requires a special permit. 

  • September – November, 100$ per person per week & 15$  per person per day after the first week
  • December – August, 75$ per person per week, 7$  per person per day after the first week

Guide and Porter Services Cost

When trekking in the Manaslu Region restricted area, it is mandatory to hire a licensed guide. You cannot travel alone in the restricted area. Trekking to the Manaslu Circuit Trek with the help of a Guide and the porter is every trekker’s choice. Getting a local guide and porter makes trekking better. They know the way, tell you about the culture, keep you safe, and help with everything you need.

To avoid getting scammed, always hire a Guide and a porter from a registered trekking agency like us. Remember to check the license ID provided by the government of Nepal. Also, nowadays, you can hire a guide who will do the job of the porter. 

  • A good licensed guide costs around USD 30 – USD 40 per day, 
  • Porters cost around USD 20-25 per day
  • Guide-porter costs around USD 25-30

Note: You don’t need to pay extra for Guide and Porter food, lodging, and insurance. 

Travel Insurance Cost 

Trekking in the high mountains means risk factors include altitude sickness, unpredictable weather conditions, steep terrain, and potential for injuries. Travel insurance not only offers assistance during emergencies but also provides financial support. With travel insurance, you can trek freely without the burden of unforeseen circumstances weighing on your mind.

Travel insurance should cover medical emergencies, helicopter evacuation, trip cancellations, unexpected travel disruptions, etc. The cost of the travel insurance depends upon the duration of your trip, the level of coverage you choose, your age, and any pre-existing medical conditions. 

  • Travel Insurance for Manaslu Circuit can range from around $50 to $200 or more for a short-term policy.

Clothing and Gear Items Cost 

Without having the proper gear and clothing, it is nearly impossible to complete the Manaslu Circuit Trek. From the trekking boot to the insulated jackets, backpacks, and sleeping bags, you need to have every item. It is essential to be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions during your trek. 

While buying the clothing and gear items, invest in quality gear that suits the climate and terrain of your trekking destination to ensure comfort, safety, and durability throughout your journey. Your clothing items and gear budget could fall between $1000 to $2000. However, if you already own some gear, you might end up spending considerably less.

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Trek’s Duration

Manaslu Circuit can be completed anywhere between two to three weeks, depending on your chosen itinerary package. Obviously, the cost of the trek increases with the number of days you spend. To make the journey more memorable, we suggest you add side trips for the Manaslu Circuit, such as  Tsum Valley and Nar-Phu Valley.

Number Of People On the Trek (group size)

Most trekking agencies in Nepal provide group package discounts for trekkers. The more trekkers or group sizes, the trekking package cost will be reduced. Let’s see the cost of the 16-day MANASLU CIRCUIT TREK from our trekking agency.

No. of personcost

The Season For The Trek

Another important factor that affects the overall cost of the Manaslu circuit trek is the seasons you choose. Spring and Autumn are the peak seasons. During this peak season, you can expect a large number of trekkers in the Manaslu Region. Therefore, the price of international and domestic airfare and the cost of the permit, teahouse, food, drinks, and package is higher. 

If you trek in the off-season, Winter, and Spring, you can get the package at a discount. Due to the number of trekkers, the trekking agency will provide the package at a discount. Also, the flight airfare and cost of the permit will be lower in the off-season. 

Miscellaneous Cost

Some unseen costs affect the overall cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, such as tipping the guide and porter, buying souvenirs, special meals, food, and drinks, and paying entry fees while visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Nepal. This expense totally depends upon you. While managing a budget, you need to allocate funds for these additional costs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trekking experience.

Tips To Save Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

  • Travel in local transportation. It is cheap and adventurous 
  • Share accommodations with fellow trekkers.
  • Bring your own snacks and water.
  • Rent trekking gear instead of buying.
  • Choose budget-friendly tea houses.
  • Negotiate prices for services.
  • Limit alcohol consumption to save money.
  • Stay flexible with your itinerary.
  • Look for group discounts.
  • Plan and book in advance to take advantage of early bird deals.

Final Say

Walking through the Manaslu Circuit Trek is like inventing a new vision for the world. This is an incredible trip through Nepal’s gorgeous scenery landscapes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in trekking, this trip has something for everybody.

So, if you’re eager to go or see the magnificent Manaslu mountain, simply WhatsApp or contact us to do so. Let’s work together to make your trekking aspirations come true.

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