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“Tsum” comes from the Tibetan word “Tsump,” which means noble or noble-like behavior. Tsum is a hidden valley known as a valley of happiness. 

Tsum Valley Trek was opened for trekking in 2008 and being in the remote areas of Nepal this hidden treasure is still unknown to the outside world. Being enlisted as a restricted trekking destination, the true beauty of this palace is still possible to witness whoever visits here.

This heavenly valley is situated in the Gorkha district of western Nepal at an altitude of 2,000 to 3,500 m (6,600 to 11,500 ft).

The starting point of Tsum Valley is the Soti Khola or Machha Khola which is 140 kilometers or 87 miles far from Kathmandu. You can easily reach here by ground transport( bus or private jeep).

The trekking routes in Tsum Valley depend on the itinerary you select from trekking agencies in Nepal. Trekkers can choose to trek Tsum Valley alone or combine it with the Manaslu Circuit.

To complete the Tsum Valley on average it takes around 14 to 22 days to complete. Being graded as a challenging trek this trek demands a good level of physical and mental fitness. Also, trekkers need to learn to adapt to staying in the remote areas of Tsum Valley, where lodging and food options are limited.

A Tsum Valley restricted area permit is required for trekking, and it’s mandatory to hire a trekking guide. Additionally, you must be in a group of at least a minimum of 2 in a group for this trek, and you need to go through registered trekking agencies in Nepal.

With enough plan and preparation, this offbeat restricted trekking destination can be your best choice if you want to avoid crowded treks like the Everest base camp trek and Annapurna Circuit trek. This trek is a must-visit destination if you are a true nature lover, seeking a peaceful trekking route, and eager to explore the ancient traditions and culture of this place.

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Tsum Valley trek highlights

  • The drive from Kathmandu to Arughat is like a scenic adventure.
  • You’ll see how people live in Tibetan culture.
  • There are waterfalls, rivers, and caves to explore on the way.
  • The trek is easy, so you won’t feel sick from the high places.
  • You might even spot animals like blue sheep and Himalayan tahr.
  • You’ll pass by Buddhist monasteries with colorful flags and walls with prayers written on them.
  • And the mountains like Ganesh Himal and Himal Chuli will take your breath away.
  • Plus, the forests are full of pretty pine, juniper, and rhododendron trees that make the whole journey even more magical.

What to expect during Tsum Valley: The Hidden Treasure

Exploring History and Culture:

The history of the Tsum Valley is interesting. It is believed that the Tibetan people flew from Tibet to here as refugees. They discovered this place. Similar types of stories you can hear from the local people living in this region. If you want to interact with local people and enjoy the warm hospitality then this place is definitely for you.

When we talk about the culture, the origin people who live in this area are called Tsumbas. The people of Tsum Valley follow Tibetan practices, have their own dialect, and adhere to unique culture and customs. 

Trekkers can get the opportunity to learn about their unique culture, traditions, and unique way of living in the hidden valley of the mountain region.

Quiet Spaces to Learn About Buddhism

It’s a Buddhist pilgrimage site and inhabits Himalayan tribes namely the Tsumbas. It is one of the sacred valleys lying in the Himalayas and is in fact one of the eight places considered sacred.

It has caves and monasteries which monks and nuns take care of them. It is through these monasteries that one can learn about the early Buddhist era. It stretches from Chhokangparo to Mu Gompa near Tibet. It’s full of Buddhism. 

Some sites about Tibetan Buddhism you may be happy to visit are Rancher Gomba, Dephyu Donna Gomba, and Milarepa Cave. The presence of Monks and Lamas can explain this ancient practice to you as well as conduct meditation accompanied by its setting.

Feeling the Authenticity

Being enlisted as a restricted area and a hidden paradise even during the peak season like spring and autumn less number of trekkers only trek in Tsum Valley. Due to this reason, the trekker can expect a peaceful trail during the trail. 

There are a limited number of tea houses on the trekking trail but trekkers don’t have to worry about finding the tea houses as you can find them easily due to fewer visitors.

This trek takes you too far away from the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle and takes you close to nature. You will get to see and appreciate the untouched beauty of the surroundings. This is a heavenly place where you can refresh your inner soul and learn a new perspective on life.

Enjoying Wildlife Beauty

It is necessary to stress that during the stay in Tsum Valley, one cannot hunt animals or even fish. All the things mentioned above are against the norms of the society and the existing laws of the land of this area.

Some of the wildlife that could be possibly sighted by trekkers during the trek include the following; The Musk deer, Himalayan Tahr (a type of wild goat), blue sheep, Ghoral, and the snow leopard. You will also get to enjoy your journey observing various species of plants and birds as well.

Discovering Ancient Caves and Sacred Monasteries

Tsum Valley is very religious and still even today The Buddha’s principles are followed here and practiced even in everyday life. Traditionally, Buddhism has it that Guru Milarepa was meditating in the valley as he was heading about the religion.

A number of sites that are excitation to thousands of visitors is his sacred cave which contains footprints. Villages are enriched with prayer flags, multi-colored monasteries, and columns of prayer stones called mani walls. Mu Gompa at 3361m high has a beautiful view of the Himalayas. Other sacred monasteries include Rachen Gompa, Dephydonma Gompa, and others are also situated in the Dingri Trekking.

Marveling at Majestic Mountain Peaks and photographic opportunities

Tsum Valley truly is beautiful like heaven, or as close to it as one could get if one were to believe in such a place. During the trekking several snowy peaks such as Ganesh Himal, Himchuli, Church, and Manaslu are seen.

The valley is beautiful and adorned with beautiful green meadows, Red Rhododendron forests, beautiful Yellow Mustard fields, and pink and white buckwheat fields. It is an ideal place for nature photography lovers to photograph its beautiful scenic view.

Best time to trek Tsum Valley

The best time to go for the Tsum Valley trek is during the month of spring and the autumn season. During the spring and autumn seasons less perception of rainfall, clear visibility, and moderate temperature helps to get the best view of panoramic view of mountains and surrounding landscape.

Tsum Valley in the spring season

Spring season means the end of the winter season and the blooming of flowers starts. You can expect greenery everywhere. The forest trail covered with the blooming of the national flower rhododendron makes a completely different trekking route.

The comfortable temperature for trekking makes it easier to reach the destination during the daytime. In winter, when it snows and the snow sticks around into spring, it gives us a beautiful view of the snowy mountain peak.

Tsum Valley in the autumn season

Another remarkable time to trek Tsum Valley is during the month of autumn season and many trekkers love to trek during this month. In the fall, the forest trail looks golden as the leaves change to bright red and orange colors. It creates a stunning view that takes your breath away.

During the daytime, the moderate temperatures make trekking comfortable, while the chilly nights provide trekkers with the opportunity for a good night’s sleep after long hours on the trail.

Tips: Things to consider while trekking in Tsum Valley

  • Choose the best time for the Tsum Valley trek. Although it is possible to trek during the month of winter and monsoon, trekking in this season is more challenging.
  • Always trek through the registered trekking agencies in Nepal like Third Eye Adventure.
  • Trek restricted permit for the Tsum Valley Trek before embarking on the trek.
  • Hire a licensed guide while trekking to make it more adventurous and for your safety.
  • Purchase travel insurance for the Tsum Valley trek and make sure it covers emergency evacuation like helicopter evacuation, emergency medical expenses lost and theft, etc.
  • Prepare for the Tsum Valley trek by maintaining physical fitness like doing cardiovascular training, strength training, joining a gym, yoga, etc.
  • To conserve the beauty of the trek follow sustainable tourism practices ( leave no trace)
  • Respect the culture and traditions of local people.
  • Follow your guide instructions all the time to maintain safety 

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Tsum Valley Trek Cost

The cost of the Tsum Valley on average ranges from 1000 USD to 3000 USD. The cost varies depending on the number of days and itinerary you choose and the money you spend during the trek. If you trek in a group you can get a heavy discount and trekking agencies also provide discounts on the package during the off-season. 

How to book Tsum Valley Trek

If you decide to book the Tsum Valley trek and wish to trek then you can book this beautiful trek through registered trekking agencies in Nepal, Third Eye Adventure. We’ve been organizing treks in Tsum Valley for a long time, and our expert local guides will ensure you will have a successful trek in this restricted area in a comfy way.

Before booking the trek make sure to read all the package details and know what is included or not. If you like to customize the itinerary it is possible with us. You can begin this trek according to your preferred date and time.

To confirm the booking you can email us or WhatsApp us. Our service is 24/7. 

Cell:+977 9851175534


Final Say

Tsum Valley can be the finest trekking destination which can be on your bucket list if you are planning something different than the regular classic trek in Nepal. This trek takes you to the hidden heavy place of the Tsum Valley. While visiting this place it gives you a feeling like walking in a completely different place than you can ever imagine.

With a little preparation, the Tsum Valley trek is suitable for both beginner and experienced trekkers. Book now and join Third Eye Adventure for the unforgettable journey of the Tsum Valley and create memories that will last a lifetime.  

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