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One of the shorter and easier treks located in the Annapurna Region of Nepal, the Mardi Himal trek is famous for local as well as international travellers. The trek gives you the complete package to enjoy the lush forests, charming villages, panoramic mountain vistas, rivers, waterfalls, breathtaking sunrise views, and many more. It gives you the feeling of walking in completely different places during the journey.

This trek is perfect for the adventure lover. Whether you are joining a trek for the first time in the mountain region of Nepal or a regular mountain climber. This package is fully loaded with adventurous opportunities, for adrenaline seekers and for those who want to be one step closer to nature. 

Even though this trek is short and easy, we should not forget the risk that comes while you begin your journey for the Mardi Himal Trek. Planning with proper preparation this trek can be the best one that you will ever have in your lifetime. So let’s see the things that you should take care of while heading for this trip and some tips to make your trekking journey more adventurous and memorable.

Choose the Best Time

If you’re planning for the Mardi Himal trek, the things that you need to remember are the different seasons in Nepal, especially in the mountain region. Weather plays a crucial role in the successful trek. So choosing the perfect time for the maximum output is necessary not only for breathtaking views but also for your safety.

The ideal time also often called peak time for trekking Mardi Himal trek is during the month of the spring(March, April, and May) and the autumn season(September to November). During this season the stable weather conditions and the less perception of rainfall make it less challenging than the winter and monsoon season.

 Also, the clear view of the sky and breathtaking view of the landscape, lush hills, and surrounding make the journey more adventurous.

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Maintain Physical and Mental Fitness Before Joining the Trek

Even though Mardi Himal is not as difficult as the famous Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp trek, still trekkers need to be fit for this trek. You need to be able to walk uphill and downhill for 4-6 hours daily on average during the trek. 

Prepare yourself by engaging in activities like joining a gym, or yoga or doing endurance activities like swimming, hiking, walking, cycling etc. With strong determination and a proper mindset, this trek can be easily accomplished. So prepare yourself in advance 1-2 months before joining this beautiful trek.

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mardi himal trek

Purchase Travel Insurance

Climbing in the high-altitude areas of Nepal and walking in difficult areas may pose several risks. Having the insurance will keep your mind free from the financial burden if anything goes wrong during the trek. It will help you to rescue during an emergency and most importantly it will help you to boost your confidence.

Remember that you can travel here in Nepal for foreigners. You must have the travel insurance done in your country. Before having the travel insurance done make sure it covers the necessary things like emergency medical evacuation, flight cancellation, loss and theft of baggage, personal liability coverage, etc. 

Choose the Registered Trekking Agency

There are thousands of trekking agencies in Nepal so you need to be very careful while choosing the trekking agency. A trekking agency will not only provide you with the package but also play a crucial role in your safety and in creating a memorable trekking environment for you. The trekking agency that you are choosing for you must be registered on TAAN and NTB. You can ask for a legal document like a PAN or certificate.

Be Aware About Altitude Sickness

Mardi Himal Trek to the altitude above an altitude of above 4000m. While trekking in the high altitude area the chance of having altitude sickness is high. It can happen to anyone so we must be prepared before heading for this trek. When the initial symptoms of altitude sickness arise you don’t need to be worried at all because the initial can be cured easily. Just by moving to a lower altitude and taking rest, it can be cured. 

But if we neglect the initial stage and do not follow the preventive measures then it can be dangerous and sometimes it can take the life of a person. Therefore we should not underestimate altitude sickness.

Obtain Necessary Trekking Permits

Permits are most important while trekking in most of the trekking areas of Nepal. Having the permit will not only help you to rescue in an emergency but also help to contribute to the conservation of the environment. If you trek without having a permit then you need to face the consequences like jail and fines. 

There are two permits required for this trek, an Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit and a TIMS Card. While trekking through the trekking agency they will help you to obtain it on your behalf.

Pack Wisely

When it comes to the preparation for the Mardi Himal Trek, packing also plays a crucial role not only for your safety but also for your protection. Packing the right clothes and gear will safeguard you from unpredictable weather conditions and enhance your trekking experience. Remember to pack all the necessary things without packing too much.

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Hire a Local Licence Guide and Porter for the Best Experience

After the new rules from the Nepal Tourism Board effective from March 31, 2023 trekkers can get a TIMS card only from the registered trekking agency and it is also mandatory to hire the licence Guide with you. 

Hiring the Guide And porter will help you to make your journey more comfortable and easier and also make your trekking journey experience better in several ways. They are experts in this field. They know everything from the trekking path, tea house, potential hazards, hidden trails and how to take you safely to your dream destinations.

Follow All Safety Protocols

Safety should be your number one concern while heading for the Mardi trek. Your safety depends on how you follow the safety guidelines. You need to follow all the instructions given by your guide. While walking in difficulty, always watch your step and be aware of the surroundings all the time.

Respect The Nature and Minimise Your Environmental Impact

Nature should be preserved as it is the responsibility of all the trekkers to minimise the impact on the environment by following safe tourism. Don’t throw the trash here and there and dispose of the waste items in the designated areas. Carry reusable water bottles and avoid the use of plastic because your small step can make a big impact on saving the beauty of nature. 

Respect local People Their Culture and Traditions

There are diverse religions and cultures which you can explore during the trek journey. Always show respect for the culture and traditions of local people. Their way of living, dances, food, and religion might be unique to you but it’s a great way to immerse and learn new things. 

Carry Enough Cash in Nepali Rupees

If you book the package there will be certain things that you need to pay on your own like food while staying in kathmandu. Also, you need to pay a little extra fee for the wifi, shower, and charging electric appliances in the tea house. We suggest you exchange the foreign currency in Nepali currency while you are in Kathmandu or you can also withdraw from atm. Carrying around 10,000- 20,000 will be enough for this trek. It will be easier for you to give tips and to buy souvenir products also.

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Begin Your Trek Via Dhampus Instead Of Australian Camp

There are different routes while heading for the Mardi Himal Trek. If you’re a beginner trekker or heading for the first time for the Mardi Himal Trek then we suggest you start your trek from the Ghattekulo or Phedi to Dhampus. 

Avoid travelling from the trail path of Kande to Australian Camp as this trekking route is a little tougher, slippery and steephill. 

Let’s see the trekking itinerary from the Phedi to the Mardi Himal base camp from Third Eye Adventure

Itinerary Outline
DAY 1: Welcome to Kathmandu Nepal.
DAY 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara for 7 hours.
DAY 03: Drive from Pokhara to Phedi for 1.5 hours and Trek to Deurali for 4 hours.
DAY 04: Trek from Deurali to Forest Camp 5 hours
DAY 05: Trek from Forest Camp to High Camp for 6 hours.
DAY 06: Excursion to Mardi Himal Base camp 7 hours.
DAY 07:Trek from Mardi Himal Base camp to Siding Village 6 hours.
DAY 08: Trek to Lumre for 3 hours and Drive Back to Pokhara for 2 hours.
DAY 09: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu 7 hours
DAY 10: Departure Day

Note: The itinerary can be changed as per your interest and the level of adventure you want. You can make the itinerary short and if you want you can also add the side trip on this trek.

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The trips that you can add after the completion of the Mardi Himal trek are:

Final say

We hope that the above tips will be helpful in making your Mardi Himal trekking journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Mardi Himal base camp trek is truly an amazing place and recently many travel enthusiasts have loved to trek in this place both from national and international people. If you have any inquiries or want to book this beautiful trek then you can message or WhatsApp anytime. 

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