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Climbing Everest and being on the Top of the World is still on the bucket checklist for many trekkers around the world. We will the covering the accommodation, best month, weather, and other aspects in this informative article.

There are a few things to consider while looking for the Best Time To Visit Mt Everest Crowd and Weather are to be considered more for this Trekking.

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Best Time To Vist EVEREST BASE CAMP (via Month/Season Overview)

Best time for the Everest Base Camp trek

January, we don’t see much snow in January, few trekkers only prefer to be o the base camp in this month whereas you can enjoy the trip because it’s less crowdy. Especially in February and early March, the weather is cold which tends to be around -18°C or evermore. We can enjoy the view of Everest with a clear sky. While these months are also not too famous for trekking as they are less busy in these months due to the cold.

Spring Season (Pre-Monsoon)

Trekking In Nepal During the Spring season, At the end of March and April, the routes are quite busy and known as popular months and the best time for a trek in Everest. We can also say this season (Pre Monsoon) from March to May is a favorable time to climb the Everest Camp as the weather is warmer in this season. During the trek route, we can see the days with visibility and explore the scenario of the mountains over the route and May is the last month to reach the base camp before the rainy season.

Monsoon Season

In the monsoon season (June, July. August, and September), the routes are full of difficulties as there is landslide and mud over the routes, and climbers and trekkers don’t prefer to climb Mt Everest during these Months because of the rainy days. 

Fall Season

After Monsoon, In October and November are also good times to be on Everest as the weather is warm with clear skies and fresh air which is the best time to be on  Mt Everest. We generally have comfortable temperatures during the season (around -10°C at EBC). You can also visit Nepal in late September as we have Hindu’s Biggest Festival Dashain where you can enjoy the tradition and culture of Nepali putting Tika over foreheads and taking the wishes of older. Even Nepal Airlines sacrifice goats in the Runway and people all over Nepal in the victory of Goddess.

The last two months of the year (November and December) are also a great season to climb Everest. The months are colder in comparison to other months and also might drop to zero at the night. The routes are less busy comparatively and you can explore the views properly.

What is the Best Time of Year to Trek Everest Base Camp?

Third Eye Adventure has customized more than 100+ treks over EBC Trek. We think before Monsoon (March, April, and May) and after Monsoon (September, October, and December are favorable times to be on top of the world. Most Trekker doesn’t Recommend the rainy season for climbing Everest. While you can also go for a Helicopter Everest Base Camp tour in Monsoon Season, as the cost will be a bit high & you can enjoy the views of various mountains throughout the ride, Check More.

Acclimatizion is Important

While the Trekking will be from 10-20 days generally according to your customization, these days will be on your memory forever where you will be surrounded by massive mountains, cultural peoples, challenging routes, and many more. Being on the World’s Highest Mountain “ Mt Everest” required superb acclimatization. You can take more time on the down trail to enjoy the view and adapt to the weather of the Everest region.

How to plan your trip to Mount Everest Base Camp?

You could plan your Everest Base Camping from where you are, the detailed itinerary is given here, where you could find the Accommodation, Cost, Trekking Routes, Itinerary, and everything you need to know while climbing Everest. You could also customize your trials by messaging us.

Is Everest Base Camp Route Crowded?

wikipedia source

According to Wikipedia, Each year more than 40,000 trekkers try to reach the Everest Base Camp and we can see around 200-300 trekkers each day while being on EBC Camping. At maximum, we can meet 500 people on the trials in the peak seasons.

Everest Camp Packages

We have differentpackages available from duration 10-20 and even a helicopter one-day tour. The Packages are:

These are the trekking packages we have made according to our climber’s and trekkers’ suggestions but we can customization these packages upon your request also. 

Get In Touch

The given article fulfills the doubt, and queries related to the Everest Base Camp Trek, even you could take towards the article “Everest Base Camp Trek for Beginners: 7 Tips You Should Follow”. I hope you got information related to this package which tentatively cost around $1400, You could view the Everest Base Camp Packages, by Click Here. To get more knowledge or customize your trip you could reach us at +977 9851175534 through Viber, WhatsApp, or send a query message to info@thirdeyeadventure.com.

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